Accu-Image provides automated workflow solutions tailored for the particular needs of manufacturing and technology.

An efficient workflow solution yields a number of key business benefits. Accu-Image Automated workflow gives companies the ability to better manage existing manual and paper-based projects, while enabling people to collaborate more effectively. This allows manufacturers to create efficient and consistent processes for distributing and sharing information throughout the entire organization, from the dock to the desktop.

An Accu-Image workflow system can deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, empowering people by providing information to staff members when and where they need it. Managers can shorten the time it takes to make critical decisions by having all relevant information readily available — and by so doing, save time, cut expenses, reduce labor and improve accuracy and visibility.

Cut costs and get more done with end-to-end process and document management.

Manufacturing is evolving faster than ever. Companies have to be smarter and more agile to accurately respond to market changes. Improve your operational speed, cut costs and become more productive with Accu-Image’s process and document management solutions.

  • Easily monitor processes for supply chain and materials management
  • Access business documents on any device, anywhere so you can respond to vendor inquiries faster and provide better customer service
  • Electronically store and index your facility management documents for better information management and security

Back Office Solutions

Digitize documents and automate processes across your entire organization using Accu-Image solutions for Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, and Legal for faster processes, reduced material costs, reduced errors, better industry and audit compliance, and more visibility into cash flow.