Good customer service made easy with instant access to customer records.

Customer service is tough enough without your service representatives having to search through paper files to answer customer inquiries. Make all of your documentation—service orders, correspondence, payment histories, and more–just a click away with Accu-Image’s workflow and document management solutions.

  • Easily digitize, index, search and access customer documents directly from your existing customer service software and applications
  • Link document images to customer folders, making all pertinent files easily accessible so your representatives can answer questions in real-time
  • Minimize potential for lost or misfiled documentation by having a central repository for all records
  • Protect records from misuse with strict access and authorization protocols
  • Give your field representatives access to necessary documents from any device, anywhere

Back Office Solutions: Make your back office faster, more productive and more cost effective.

Regardless of the size of your company, your back office is the heart of your business. From finance and accounting to human resources to legal and more, you have complex, inefficient processes wasting time, effort and money, all of which could be better spent on your core business activities. Start saving time, money, and resources with Accu-Image solutions today.