From claims, underwriting, agent onboarding and more, Accu-Image lets you automate your business processes, manage your documents and reduce or completely cut your reliance on paper. We’ll automate tasks and configure escalation routes to adhere to your current business functions; helping you boost productivity and cut costs. With Accu-Image’s insurance industry solutions, you’ll get the visibility and control you need to capture new business.

  • Automates business processes from contracts to claims, helping you provide faster, more cost-effective services to internal and external customers
  • Gives you the ability to effectively and efficiently manage your document volume
  • We can digitize, index and link insurance documentation to the correct file
  • Gives you actionable intelligence into your business processes to help you make more effective business decisions
  • Easily connects with legacy applications, content providers and third party point solutions
  • On-demand software means you don’t have to worry about IT needs or system updates

Agent Onboarding: Faster Licensing to Boost Your Bottom Line

Licensing new agents is faster and easier with Accu-Image. We’ll create a new agent portal where users can enter all necessary documentation so they can get licensed faster. New applications are routed automatically to the right employee for processing, and our system will automatically flag incomplete submissions and track application status. With all documentation in one location, your employees can spend more time licensing agents and less time locating files.New agents need accurate resources to help them capture business. From contracts to training, licensing to appointments and more, we can help you manage your business-critical documents with built-in flags and notifications to help you accurately track necessary updates. Revisions and other tasks can be automatically assigned and scheduled while new documents can be sent out electronically with a single mouse click, ensuring that your agents have the information they need to be effective.

New Customer Onboarding

Onboarding new customers can be challenging with disconnected information, files and content. Accu-Image will collect, input, index and link new customer documents and forms correctly in your systems. Underwriters get instant access to the files and documentation they need so they can spend more time evaluating risk instead of chasing down information.

Underwriting and Policy Administration:

Put applicant and policyholder information at underwriters’ fingertips, digitally. With Accu-Image, applications can be received directly from customers or agents via online portals and electronically matched to existing files. New applications, renewals and endorsements that adhere to specific criteria defined by you will be automatically processed, while those that need additional review will be instantly routed to the right underwriter, broker service representative or associate. Digitizing the underwriting process gives you unprecedented visibility into core processes, workflows and policy, so you can optimize response times and provide better agent and customer service. You can also:

  • Receive applications directly from customers or agents via online portals
  • Digitally match new documents existing files
  • Enhance policyholder service by accelerating policy updates and changes
  • Improve access to necessary documents and information for faster and more informed decisions
  • Rules and roles-based access protects applicant and customer privacy

Go Paperless

There are many ways to go paperless with Accu-Image. From online portals and e-documentation to digitizing paper files, we can help you centralize and streamline your paper-based claims and new policies processes. We’ll work with you to understand how you manage your files and [SS4] help you do digital or create a hybrid paper-digital solution that will help you improve productivity and cut costs.

  • Let us receive, scan, digitize and index your documents so your employees can focus on business-critical functions—not searching for files
  • Documents can be automatically matched and linked to existing files, reducing processing time and boosting accuracy
  • All documents received are subject to rigorous chain-of-custody, ensuring security
  • All digitized data is kept secure via our enterprise-grade infrastructure with 24/7 uptime monitoring and performance tuning


Accu-Image’s versatile software links claims, applications, forms and other documents back to legacy systems, content providers and third-party solutions for end-to-end document and process management.

  • Provides a way to tie documents back to existing systems and processes
  • Gets rid of paper processes completely allowing faster processes
  • Easy to use software integrates with legacy applications, content providers and Third Party point solutions

Labratory Notebook Scanning: Protect Your Patents

Your laboratory notebooks contain invaluable information. As the primary record of your research, you need a way to preserve the information they contain—and safeguard the patents that rely on them.

We’ll scan your laboratory books using specialized book scanners that will produce clean and clear images without damaging the spine and bindings. Digitized notebooks are then uploaded into a secure repository, allowing data to be easily accessed by scientists, regulators, auditors and authorized employees.

  • Protect notebooks and meet disaster recovery and regulatory requirements
  • Secure, easy access for authorized personnel
  • Track who has accessed information
  • Give simultaneous access to multiple people
  • Free valuable office space for other uses
  • No IT or server fees and hassles