Formation of a litigation file is exhausting and expensive to prepare. Quite often there is a very short window in which the file must be prepared and carefully reviewed by legal staff before sending it to opposing counsel. As litigation cases increase, so will the need for insurers to look for solutions like Accu-Image which when deployed across the enterprise, will reduce the effort required. Once a file is requested for litigation, a copy of the file can be published to a CD ,DVD or thumb drive to avoid costly and time consuming manual file reproduction.

Accu-Image provides the ability to manage the retention of documents within the system to ensure proper adherence to corporate policy. The Accu-Image audit trail also provides the ability to demonstrate that the corporate retention policy is in place and to establish that standard operating procedures are being followed to comply with the policy.

The retention and inclination of both policy and claim documents can be critical, as well as potentially damaging to an insurance company. Often the liability risk is even higher if you retain information beyond the required legal retention period. If the documents are not properly disposed of according to the company’s corporate retention policies, the court could require that the document be made available within the litigation suit.

Legal documents need to be kept safe, secure and easily accessible. Whether you’re a law firm or a legal department, our solutions will give instant access to the legal documents and information you need while protecting them with the strictest security features.

  • Secure, disaster-proof central repository for all legal documents and information regardless of format for instant access
  • Robust security and authorization controls prevent unauthorized viewing and keep users from circumventing policy
  • Document audit trail lets you know where the document is, who has accessed it and for how long
  • Works hand in hand with your office scanner so you can use less paper
  • Index content according to your company or firm’s classification system