Every human resources department struggles to cope with complex HR processes and effectively track vital employee paperwork to comply with labor law. You need to optimize processes and accurately monitor employee documentation without having to invest in changing your backend systems and processes.

We solve these problems for our human resources customers every day.

  • Easily capture all applicant materials received regardless of format—hard copy, fax, e-mail, document portal—and upload into your HRIS system. See a video of our capture process here.
  • Match employee documents to their electronic personnel record within your HR application.
  • Automate and optimize your recruiting, onboarding, performance and employee remuneration and relations processes with Accu-Image human capital management systems.
  • Monitor each and every step of any HR procedure, from performance to disciplinary processes, and guarantee that all follow-up tasks are completed.
  • Easily integrates with all of your HRIS, performance management and payroll systems for seamless performance.

Employee Recruitment

Your company needs top talent to meet its business goals. Give your HR staff the tools they need to meet your recruiting and talent acquisition goals.

Our process and document management solutions can easily sort through thousands of resumes based on your unique job requirements to find the best applicant for the job. Stellar applications can be automatically routed to HR sourcers, recruiters and HR managers, ensuring top talent are recruited and hired faster. HR staff can have instant access and easily share employee recruitment documents such as resumes, applications and background checks. Tailored workflows can track each candidate’s progress to keep your talent acquisition strategy moving forward.

  • Easily capture all applicant materials received regardless of format—hard copy, fax, e-mail, document portal
  • Automatically route stellar applications to HR managers and recruiters so the best candidates are found and contacted faster –ensuring qualified employees are hired faster
  • Link captured materials to applicant records in HRIS, such as PeopleSoft or Lawson, and applicant tracking software such as Taleo, Silkroad, or iCIMS
  • Monitor applicant documents via workflow, so you easily track where candidates are in the recruitment process

Employee Onboarding

The last thing you want to worry about when welcoming a new employee is whether all their paperwork is complete.

Our HR workflow and document management solutions automate new employee onboarding and can eliminate paper from the process. New hires can access pertinent forms and documents via self-service portals while HR managers can easily track whether the necessary paperwork has been collected and completed. Email alerts and HR workflows can be configured to your department’s specific new employee processes. Important HR documents and paperwork—from insurance enrollment, direct deposit authorizations and employee contracts—can be linked to the right electronic employee file to ensure that all necessary forms have been completed and received.

  • Easily integrates with your HR software and systems to automate & streamline new employee onboarding processes
  • Matches new employee documents to their electronic personnel record in your HR applications
  • E-forms and e-documents help you reduce traditional storage costs and eliminate bottlenecks due to paper-based processes
  • Easy access to HR document images through your existing HR software for faster onboarding

Employee Separation 

When an employee exits your company, you need the transition to be as smooth as possible. Accu-Image HR solutions help you more easily manage documents and process workflows to ensure an orderly exit. Workflow tools let you set a separation checklist and plan in motion to speed up the employee separation process. Necessary employee documentation can be easily managed from a central digital repository and shared with other departments and personnel so they can view relevant information.

  • Workflow tools allow you to automate separation checklists and plans for faster completion
  • Easily track employee separation or termination processes via workflow progress
  • Employee documentation is held in a central repository for easy access by authorized HR and department personnel
  • Route documentation simultaneously to necessary personnel to accelerate the separation process

Employee Management

From employee relations and performance management to employee remuneration and benefits, your HR department needs versatile tools to help them track complicated processes and necessary documentation better. Using user intuitive workflows, documents and forms can be digitally completed by employees and monitored, ensuring HR processes and labor laws are followed. Forms can be easily sent to HR managers, third-party administrators and other providers.

  • Streamline any HR process by consolidating all documentation and easily sharing data with other departments
  • Monitor each and every step of any HR procedures, from performance to disciplinary processes, and guarantee that all follow-up tasks are completed
  • Remove bottlenecks and unnecessary manual tasks by automatically routing information and documents for approval, escalation and upload into your HRIS, performance management systems and payroll applications
  • Simplify handling of employee action forms for personnel remuneration and benefits, performance management and more

Employee Direct Access

Give your people access to their employee files, when and where they need it.

Employees need easy access to their records. Simplify the process for both employees and HR staff with document management solutions that integrate with any human resource system for user-friendly environment. Employees can access their documents directly online whenever they need them, freeing HR staff to work without constant interruption.

  • Improve employee relations by giving them self-service, direct online access to their documents
  • Seamless integration with any HR system including Lawson, Microsoft Sharepoint, PeopleSoft, Oracle and others
  • Easily monitor how often a document is accessed for external or internal audits

HR and Labor Compliance

Make meeting HR compliance standards and HR audits easier.

Simply put, tracking and logging your HR documents makes your life easier. It lets you access and send necessary HR documents and employee records at the click of a mouse at a fraction of the time and cost of having to search and retrieve paper files.

  • Instantly locate, view, e-mail, export and print exact copies of documents in real-time, from anywhere
  • Easily email specific documents to auditors
  • Use web portals to give auditors easy access to necessary documents

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