Accu-Image OCR workflow software has automation using OCR that will ensure the system will have a faster and quicker process. This will create a more streamlined approach that will produce results in an objective and unbiased manner. Electronic routing of the paper forms is the main goal of the document workflow automation using OCR.

Accu-Image sets itself apart from the rest because we do not rely solely on OCR technology. Our in house processing team inspects and audits every single document before presenting the content to you. Most companies claim that their OCR is 99% accurate. What this means is that their OCR engine has 99% character accuracy. What if that 1% character that it got wrong was a leading ‘1’ on a invoice price. That would change the amount of the invoice from $100,000 to $10,000, which is a substantial mistake. At Accu-Image, we pride ourselves with 99% document accuracy, not character accuracy, because of the human element is part of the process. This means that your documents will be coming over to you correct the first time.