Accu-Image solutions easily integrate with your student information system and higher education applications, letting you access all your Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar documents in just a click. With less paper and more automated processes, your departments share information more easily and are more productive.

Development & Alumni Affairs

Your institution relies on charitable donations to support student scholarships, programs, academic initiatives, research, faculty and more. With fierce competition for donor dollars and increasing charitable giving regulations, your advancement services staff need content management and workflow tools to help them gain speed, insight and efficiency to capture and process gifts faster.

Using Accu-Image workflow and document management solutions, you can:

  • Easily track gift contract expiration dates and receive e-mail alerts notifying you when a gift contract is about to expire
  • Create individual donor folders to easily store, update and track research on donors and related information
  • Search and track donor data from any device at any time
  • Reduce or eliminate manual data entry costs from gift contracts and forms
  • Automate the gift contract renewal process and eliminate manual, paper-based bottlenecks and costs for donor file management
  • Easily import all donor-related information, regardless of format, to create a complete donor file
  • Seamlessly integrates with your institution’s alumni and business software systems
  • Improve handling and coordination of alumni and donor records, donor relations, prospect management, prospect research and information services
  • Protect donor privacy with robust security features

Admissions & Application Evaluation Managemen

Boost your admissions with workflow and process automation.

Your admissions department handles thousands of applications from receipt to review to deciding who’s accepted and who’s not, to distributing acceptance letters. Don’t let slow admissions processes keep you from meeting your student recruitment and retention goals.

Accu-Image workflow and process management solutions:

  • Integrate seamlessly with your student information system and other software applications
  • Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and data entry for accelerated applicant processing
  • Faster, easier access to all student information directly from your SIS system for quicker decisions and improved productivity
  • Automatically file handoff from Admissions to Records for more streamlined processing
  • Accelerate the application process by importing electronic and paper applications and matching them with related documents

Financial Aid

Award financial aid faster with process automation.

With more applicants and less budget, your financial aid team needs a fast, efficient way to cut the time and cost it takes to evaluate applications—and get Financial Aid packages out sooner.Automating paper-based processes helps you do just that. Regardless of format or how an application was submitted, Accu-Image’s process automation and document management solutions streamline your workflows for faster processes. Our software easily integrates with your higher education software and student information system, so your Admissions and Financial Aid documents are just a click away.

  • Improve your student information and financial aid systems by directly accessing the documents you need with a click of a mouse
  • Automate processes so you can complete Financial Aid packages faster
  • Having student documents more easily accessible lets you make faster, more informed decisions in less time
  • Having student data in one place makes answering students’ questions more timely


From managing class schedules and lists, to registration requests and transcript auditing, to record retrieval and verification, every Registrar’s Office struggles to keep up. You’ve got reams of paper documents and student records all arriving through different methods, with huge potential for manual errors. You need to replace complexity with processes that reduce the time and effort in handling and managing records without having to change your current software systems. Accu-Image solutions give registrar staff faster, more efficient ways to effectively manage student records with less paper and more automated processes.

  • Electronically store documents in one place for better student service and faster access to documents
  • Automate manual workflows for faster processing and reduced resource costs
  • Instantly access records from anywhere, whether on or off campus
  • Reduce or eliminate storage costs and reclaim needed office space
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing student information system and higher education software