What if it was possible for you to digitize, streamline and automate your entire accounting process? No more time wasted on manually entering data and tracking financial documents. No more waiting days or weeks for approvals. No more missing early pay discounts. All while gaining transparent visibility into your processes and cash flow and control over how your money is spent.

  • E-invoicing: Eliminates paper processing while providing instant access to invoice images to your financial or ERP systems
  • Faster processes: Streamlines and automates complex paper-based processes and workflows, making them faster and more productive
  • More accurate: By minimizing manual data entry and processing using Accu-Image improves AP document data accuracy by 99.999 percent
  • Visibility: Gives visibility into your processes and cash flow for more accurate forecasting
  • No per seat costs

Automate Procure-to-Pay

Automating your procure-to-pay process means you can digitally manage the entire transaction lifecycle from initial order to proof of delivery, giving you better control and improved cash flow forecasting and capital management. Digital processes and workflows dramatically improve processing time and reduce costs, freeing you to focus on providing better service to suppliers and customers.

  • Easily e-invoice suppliers
  • Automated invoice processing and matching to dramatically cut time and costs
  • Capture early pay discounts with proactive payment strategies
  • Faster processing with automated workflows and permissions that adhere to your company’s unique business needs
  • Eliminate expensive, time-consuming data entry and manual workflows so employees can focus on business critical activities

PO Requisition: Get better visibility and control over your payable process

With Accu-Image’s PO Requisition solution you can digitally manage your entire payable process from purchase order requisition to payment. Generate, route and approve electronic purchase orders for a faster, more effective purchase order process. Our system automatically matches purchase orders, invoices and shipping documentation based on your business needs for improved control and management—while reducing manual data entry by 80 percent.

  • Generate electronic POs and route them for approval
  • POs can be e-invoiced directly from suppliers for an efficient, paper-free process
  • Conforms to your permissions process and routing rules
  • Automated matching between PO and invoice including price, quantity, line amount and items ordered validation
  • Processes and workflows built to conform to your business needs without costly customization fees

E-invoicing: Invoicing made easier

Say hello to the ease of e-invoicing. Built with one goal in mind—to simplify your invoicing process—Accu-Image’s e-invoicing solution lets you create, send, receive and archive invoices digitally with no changes to your process. E-invoicing helps you expedite payment cycles, eliminate manual entry errors and serve vendors and suppliers with better transparency—at a fraction of the time and cost of paper invoicing.

Travel & Expense Reporting

Managing your company’s travel and expense costs should be easy. Let Accu-Image streamline your travel and expense management processes so you can gain considerable savings on your indirect spend. Cut the time it takes you to submit, review, approve and report on travel expenses though more effective and efficient processes that boost reimbursement times, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs.

  • Ensure your travel and expense policies are followed for better expense control
  • Instant access to receipts and other expense documents from your business systems and web portals

Purchase Card Processing: Easy reporting and reconciliation

We make managing purchase cards (p-cards) easy by helping you capture and link receipts, packing slips and other transaction documents to p-card records. Documents are automatically routed through settlement workflow. The result is faster payment and an easier way to report and reconcile all documentation.

Go Paperless: Invoice Conversion

You don’t need to hire that additional clerk. Send your accounting and finance documents to Accu-Image’s Conversion Center. Our trained document management staff will use the latest in OCR scan and capture technology to digitize your documents and correctly key in all fields with 99.9999 percent accuracy – a feat no other solution can match.


Switching from system to system to perform the most basic of accounts payable functions is more than a hassle; it’s a drag on your employees’ time. Accu-Image AP solutions fully integrates with all ERP, financial management, and other systems for end-to-end automation.

Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Audit Compliant

With Accu-Image your documents have a completely auditable history, giving you complete transparency to comply with all government regulations and making file retrieval for audits a breeze.

All of the above, plus service & support

World-class consulting

We know your business is unique. We work with you to understand your company’s people, processes, workflows and permissions, so your solution is tailored to your specific needs—without customization costs.

Unlimited customer support

Accu-Image’s support team is always ready to help you, whether you’re just starting on day one or adding new functions to an existing Accu-Image solution. We’ll work with you to understand and optimize your processes and configure the software to your particular needs.

No IT Hassles

Managing your own servers and IT needs is a hassle. We take care of it for you.

  • Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure
  • Security and reliability
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring and performance tuning
  • Backup and archiving of data
  • Regular product updates

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