Accu-Image has been providing document management services and systems since 1988 with one overriding goal:

To save time and money for our clients by streamlining the storage and retrieval of paperwork. We know that our own success is based on helping you increase profits.

Enterprises deploy Accu-Image solutions to increase efficiency company-wide, whether it’s in accounts receivable or shipping. They enjoy the competitive advantage of a truly 21st Century office, where documents of any type are available around the clock — instantly — from any computer in the enterprise.

Accu-Image’s cost-effective storage and retrieval systems substantially lower the cost of meeting and exceeding archive and compliance requirements for all of your important documents.

Clients realize a sizeable ROI by reassigning personnel who perform routine duties that are more efficiently achieved through automation. Your company maintains a low TCO because Accu-Image’s intuitive browser interface and out-of-the-box appliances require minimal IT support.

Our scanning services provide the highest quality image capture from your documents including:

• intelligent blank page detection and removal
• content-based rotation
• automatic de-skewing
• double feed detection
• images can be scanned up to 600dpi
• capture images in:
o black and white
o grayscale
o spot colour, or
o full colour
• multiple page and scanned file formats including:

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