laboratory notebooks serve as your primary record of research performed…and typically are proof of your intellectual property rights for your organization. Accu-Image will convert these notebooks to digital images for protection and disaster recovery/prevention for these core records.

Laboratory Notebook archiving requires a unique approach. Accu-Image specialized scanners are specifically designed to handle the curvature of text near the lab notebook’s spine, ensuring the integrity of data capture, while maximizing the scanned image quality.

Key Benefits of Lab Notebook Scanning, or Lab Notebook Archiving:

• Ensure disaster prevention/recovery/business continuity of key corporate record
• Provide finger-tip digital access to research records
• More quickly assemble records

Features and Capabilities:

• Scan black and white, gray scale or color, or a mix
• Optional OCR Services provides for full text search
• Total turn-key offering, from pick-up, document conversion, and notebook return

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Companies that benefit from Accu-Image professional Notebook Scanning: