Barcode recognition

Barcode recognition is the most efficient way to capture index data printed on documents. If your project is to scan new documents on an on-going basis, we can help redesign them to include barcodes so at the point of creation they can be read quickly and accurately. If it isn’t possible to print barcodes on documents, we can create barcoded coversheets to place between files before scanning.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is used to:

• convert characters in an image into dynamic data
• perform word searches to find a required set of text/documents or to extract indexing criteria

As part of a large batch file conversion, OCR is a cost effective alternative to manual capture and indexing multiple fields and sections of documents.


We can offer three types of indexing:

• Electronic – we are provided with an electronic file against which records are to be scanned and matched
• Paper-based – we are provided with a paper based data set against which records are to be scanned and matched
• Manual – data is held with a document’s paper record. Double key entry is used for accuracy with captured fields keyed twice by different operators. This enables any mis-matches to be instantly corrected