DLS (dual layer security)

Dedicated Firewall and VPN Solutions:

+Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow companies to create a powerful secure network between their data, their mobile users and their office locations. VPN solutions include Encryption and Authentication enabling you to provision for secure communication.

+Firewall solutions Prevent unauthorized access to your computing environment. For added security customers may consider a High Availability (fail-over) Firewall solution.

+Many hybrid products are available which provide VPN and Firewall protection in one device.


Email SPAM/Virus protection:

Spam blocking and Virus/Worm detection Protect your email environment against harmful intrusions. AccuImage has been offering industry leading anti-virus and spam protection products to its customers. Most products provide protection for Email and Instant messaging.

DdoS Protection:

Distributed Denial of Service (DdoS) protection will safeguard your environment against Internet based flooding of useless traffic, which may bring down your network. AccuImage has been providing its customers with products which protect their environment agaist such intrusions. By monitoring DdoS, AccuImage is able to alert customers in time, before their systems become unavailable.

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