How It Works

Simplify your entire process.

Productive AP, HR automation starts with automating invoice processing, data entry, matching & validation, and approvals. Speed up your processes with Accu-Image e-invoicing, data capture, and automated business rules.

Have you tried customizing your old ERP system to meet your business needs only to find yourself trapped in an expensive, uncompromising solution? Thanks to Accu-Image, there is a better way. Accu-Image offers flexibility to tailor applications to the exclusive aspects of your business. It allows business users to manage their own business processes, reporting, and custom data requirements. And because they don’t have to involve IT in the process, business users can respond to change faster than ever. Ensure invoice accuracy and cut costs.

Accu-Image will never charge your vendors to submit an invoice. No hidden fees.


The Accu-System Suite.

The Accu-System Suite is a group of software components that interact with one another in various departments to manage the workload that comes into Accu-Image. It has all been custom-built by our development team to manage the work in the most effective manner possible. Watch video below to learn more about all of the Accu-Suite components.


Digitize, automate and streamline your entire accounting process with Accu-Image’s Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Automation solutions. Reap the benefits of a faster, more cost-effective way of handling your back office business. Anytime, anywhere access.

Get access to your company’s digital documents when and where you need them.

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