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I can not view images in the browser

If you see a blank page instead of a image or a message like 'PDF not found' then email Accu-Image with a screenshot and details. Otherwise, it could be a PDF viewer issue on your computer and you have to update your PDF viewer. This is located in the settings in your browser.

What is the difference between Approver and Manager User Type

A manager will have a global view of all invoices that are in the system. They will also have the ability to create new users and view the Reporting tool. An approver will only have visibility of their invoices to approve.

How do I add a new user

You must have an manager/admin user type. Once logged in, click the 'ADMIN' button on the top left navigation. Next select 'USERS'  --> 'NEW USER'. Enter user information on the right hand side form and save.

I can not access the URL

This could be a Firewall issue on your side. Have you tried from another PC or smart phone?
Check with other users to see if this issue is only on your end. If everyone is having the same problem then send screenshot to support@accu-image.com, otherwise contact your local desktop support

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